syncdog datasheet

SyncDog Datasheet

SyncDog is an innovative system that correlates back-end system log intelligence with real-world security threats that mobile devices face.  Through the R&D of the SyncDog and IntegriCell team, we have developed a combination of log data filters and alert management options which will let you know when one of your company’s mobile devices is in trouble.

For example, if you have a device operating in a foreign country, and the SyncDog system detects SSL replay traffic on an ActiveSync connection, SyncDog can automatically enforce policies on the flow of information to and from the mailbox that is associated with that device.  SyncDog can also be integrated with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) systems to provide insight into potential fraud exposure to international premium service scams.

Click here to download the SyncDog Datasheet.

For more information, visit the SyncDog site.